Come Worship with Us

Welcome to First Presbyterian Church (FPC), Henderson, Texas. We are an open-hearted, open-minded and welcoming community of faith. Our welcome mat is always out for you.

We worship God. We proclaim the gospel. We grow as disciples every day. We care for each other and we care for you and for others. We are active in outreach and ministry that glorify God and we are celebratory in our fellowship with each other. You are invited to fellowship with us.

At FPC Henderson, faith is nurtured, curiosity is encouraged, gifts and talents are put to use – and the welcoming arms of openness, acceptance and diversity will surround you.

We personally extend the hand of welcome to you to come be a part of this joyful and faithful fellowship. Join us as imperfect believers in God’s perfect plan, and experience the joy God has in store for you.



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