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Environmental Advocacy


Environmental Advocacy

All are called to be good stewards of

God’s creation

The CE Team is our internal advocacy arm that takes  responsibility to teach about one of the essential tenets of our faith 

All humanity has the responsibility to care for one another

as well as for all of creation. 

Our team, filled with passion and creativity, set off on an education process to raise awareness of the importance of stewardship of creation.  Their kick-off lesson is a theological video that is educational, relevant and adds humor to a very important message.  This kick-off video is as relevant today as it was in 2013 when the video was produced.  Click the link below to be taken to the Let the Church Go Green video.

In 2014, FPC Henderson became a certified “green” congregation and one of only 14 churches in the entire state of Texas to become a certified “Earth Care Congregation.”  We proudly retain our certification each year.    

As part of our environmental stewardship, FPC Henderson began a recycling program for cans, plastic, and paper with recycle containers around the church.  We are replacing incandescent light bulbs with fluorescent ones; using recycled copy paper; prohibiting use of Styrofoam in our church and encourage the use of real or recyclable cups/glasses/plates and to-go containers.  We mulch flower beds to conserve watering; we raise thermostats and turn on ceiling fans to conserve energy; we encourage personal water bottle use and not plastic bottled water; we regularly change filters on heating and cooling units, and partition off parts of the building when not in use to further conserve energy.

Stewardship of Creation is not only environmental.  Through the CE Team, we also address social injustices, poverty and the suffering of all creation. 

As we look at how we care for one another and the world we live in, we should be able to step back and say “This is good.”  Caring for all of creation is how we show our love for the Creator.









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