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We are one of the eight oldest Presbyterian congregations in Texas.  The First Presbyterian Church of Henderson had its beginnings during the Republic of Texas.  In 1845, Reverend John M. Becton, an “Old School” Presbyterian preacher, frontier missionary, and teacher, established a church on North Main St., in the same block where the Rusk County Courthouse now stands.

In the turbulent times around the Civil War, American Presbyterians had split the denomination into three branches: The Presbyterian Church U.S.A. (northern sentiments), The Presbyterian Church in the U.S. (southern sentiments), and The Cumberland  Presbyterian Church on the frontier.  In 1859 the Cumberland Presbyterians organized a church at the corner of West Main St. and Van Buren St..  In 1906 this church joined with The Presbyterian Church U.S.A., and became Central Presbyterian Church.

By 1948 both First Presbyterian and Central Presbyterian churches had moved from their original locations and occupied sites at North Marshall St. and at South High St.

In 1964, following the trend to merge the national branches of the church, First Presbyterian and Central Presbyterian united at the South High St. location.  This union combined the wisdom and experience of the three Presbyterian branches into the First Presbyterian Church of Henderson.  The national union of Presbyterians took place in 1983 as The Presbyterian Church (USA).

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